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“I help my clients to be exactly where they are, and feel a greater sense of curiosity, compassion and connectedness with themselves.”
- Austin Hamilton
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The Mission

My approach to healing is centered on deep listening, embodied presence, and creating a safe space to explore the full range of experiences within the nervous system. My intention is to use my resources and tools rooted in somatic counseling, sensory experiencing, and mindfulness to help others trust in the innate wisdom of their bodies. Trauma, often felt as resistance and anxiety, is not being able to bring your body and mind into the present moment in unison.


Through the non-judgmental exploration of our emotional state from a sensory place rather than a mentalized experience, I help individuals learn the language of their unique nervous system using breathwork, titration exercises, and sensory-motor reprogramming. When the mind and body are syncing, we begin to understand that we are much more than just the stories and beliefs embedded in our nervous system. I help guide and support others in living more openly, courageously, and open-heartedly.


I sought Austin's support for navigating a stressful life event and frequent anxiety while living overseas. I've been working with Austin for over 3 years, and she provides a non-judgemental and attentive space during sessions that make you feel supported and safe. Her sessions guide you to perceive the behavioral and cognitive thought patterns that aren't serving you. Since working together, all aspects of my life (personal, work, relationships) have done a 180 and positively transformed. I can't recommend working with Austin enough - she truly has a talent for recognizing what you need and helping you become your best self, and I always leave sessions feeling much better.

-AAH Client


Let's work

I offer a complementary 15-Minute Discovery Phone Call for us to talk about your needs and decide the best path forward for your healing, whether that be working together or referring you to a specialist to get the care you need.

Have a specific question or need more information before moving forward? GET IN TOUCH HERE.

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