“AAH Advisory’s aim is to help clients adopt self worth as a value, not a condition. By breaking down emotional walls in order to break out of negative thought patterns and finally experience the breakthrough to the authentic self"
- Austin Hamilton


Austin aims to support individuals at all stages of life, assisting in their navigation of experiences and improving their relationships with significant others, friends, family, colleagues and ultimately cultivating a better relationship with themselves.



She takes a functional approach to mental wellness. Her methodology addresses the totality of a person’s life experiences by discovering the source of problems, rather than simply focusing on the symptoms.

The Mission

The aim and ultimate goal is to empower individuals in their personal and professional spheres, equipping them with the knowledge, tools and understanding to better serve their lives in a more mindful and purposeful way. 


Just as life is multifaceted, so is the approach with each client. By utilizing a variety of traditionally psychoanalytically informed methods as well as integrating holistic Eastern philosophies and wellness practices, each client is empowered to reach their fullest potential. 


Each session is specifically tailored to the individual and designed to enrich and connect one’s physical, emotional, and mental stages of development.

One’s status, occupation, title, age, etc does not singularly define a person. Life is made up of many components that are interrelated to one another. Health, relationships, career, spirituality, experiences, etc all encompass parts that embody the whole of a person. Because everything is interrelated, the work does not focus on the immediate issue or “symptom,” rather addresses the totality of a person in the way that best allows for growth and evolution.


Austin listens for interpretations you make, the beliefs you hold, the habitual patterns you have created and reinforced and the circumstances in which guided you to seek assistance.







Compulsive Behavior

Poor Concentration

Low Self Esteem

Mood Swings 


Relationship with Yourself

Family Relationships

Couples and Romantic Relationships

Parent/Child Relationships

Social Interaction

Professional Relationships


Body Image


Nutritional Concerns


Transitional Stages of Life

Losing a Loved One

Moving Stress

Relocation Difficulties 


The work is not about “crisis management” and reinforcing patterns that clearly do not serve you. Each session is about cultivating curiosity about yourself and your experiences through engagement with new “perceptual muscles” that encourage more authenticity and happiness.


Imagine being able to identify your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors without attaching to them. Imagine feeling the freedom that follows gratitude and communication without fear and anxiety. Imagine feeling an abundance of joy with every person and within all your personal relationships. Imagine feeling empowered, generous and clear with your purpose. Austin assists her clients in finding their inner light and natural gifts by developing the appropriate tools and communication to live a more fulfilling life.



All sessions are conducted on an individual basis. Clients meet with Austin one-on-one for 60 minutes. Sessions are typically conducted in person but can also be over the phone or Zoom.