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My intention is to help my clients develop a deeper awareness of the connection between their Mind and Body. I support individuals “crossing the bridge” that connects our cognitive (mind) to our sensory (body) experiences. Through traditional and contemporary somatic and relational psychotherapy techniques, I provide an integrative and holistic approach to healing. My practice includes a combination of psychoanalytic tools, Breath Work, Somatic Experiencing techniques, Creative Art Therapies, and mindfulness practices.


I tailor my work to each client's unique emotional blueprint. Like learning a new language, I help clients connect, learn, and eventually express their body's native tongue. My practice provides a safe and secure space to bridge the gap between their thoughts and feelings, enabling a more fulfilling and integrated life.

Spa and Wellness
Spa and Wellness


After earning my degree from Columbia University in New York, I trained in art therapy with the School of Visual Arts. I am well-versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including Somatic Experiencing SE* trauma work (Somatic Trauma Healing Certification), Empowerment Coaching (Empowerment Coach Certification), guided meditation, yoga instructor (200-hour certification), breathwork, and plant-based nutrition (Cornell University Certification).


Having lived in France, Dubai, London, New York, and Santa Barbara, I have had the opportunity to engage with individuals of all ages and stages of life. My practice is located in Montecito, California, where I offer in-person sessions at my office location. I also offer virtual sessions to remote clientele.  

Leaf Stem

Integrative Wellness & Somatic Work


Explore integrating your Body and Mind


As your Somatic and Integrative Wellness Advisor, I work with you where you’re at in the present moment. Unlike medical professionals and psychotherapists, I do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe medication. The coaching work we do together is transformational and introspective, but I do not view clients through a lens of pathology in order to “fix” what I do not believe to be broken. My work is about realignment to our natural state. In our work together, we may use somatic techniques to address nervous system dysregulation to enable the body to feel less stress and more balance. Our work together will center on the person you are today and cultivating the resources you need for a brighter tomorrow. My clients have worked adjacent with psychotherapists and have found the work we do together complementary.

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