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Integrative Wellness & Somatic Work

Intergrating Body & Mind

Integrative wellness is a hybrid between traditional therapy methodology and mindfulness techniques- using therapeutic dialogue and somatic practices. Somatic work brings more awareness to the sensations in the body in order to gain information about emotional states. We have been conditioned to think of emotions and feelings in our heads, which can lead to intellectualizing our experiences and furthering discomfort in our lives. Ignoring the rich memory bank of experiences contained in our bodies can create stress, anxiety, emotional frustration, stagnation, and pain. Just like physical hygienic habits keep us healthy and clean, emotional hygiene becomes about learning emotional awareness in order to keep our nervous systems regulated.

Emotions are automatically generated by the senses, triggering the brain's amygdala and limbic system. When sensory nerve impulses reach the central nervous system, thalamus, amygdala, and cerebral cortex, they organize, test, and make judgments about the sensory data. The result is called "perception." Most people are caught up in the perception of what they think is happening and how they think they are feeling. When we insist on “thinking” more about emotions rather than feeling our emotions, this creates dissonance and disconnection from our bodies and ourselves. By learning to tune into your body, there is an opportunity to see how we are perceiving life and our relationships. Most people do not understand how good their bodies and lives are designed to feel. Through guided sessions, together we can bridge the gap between mind (thoughts and beliefs) and body (sensations and emotions) in order to live in your truest integrity and align to your highest potential self. 

How does it work?

Basic Premise:

All events and interactions impact our whole being = our physical body, emotional body and cognitive brain

All external stimuli (the world outside of us) is processed through our sensory system. You can not bypass the body to make “sense” of information

When we address sensations and feelings as they arise in the body, we can heal the body, regulate the nervous system and promote secure attachment-healing ourselves and our relationships

The key is conscious awareness of how we relate and interact with our reality through our sensory experience. Integrative wellness and somatic work access all aspects of our lives- including the language we use, the food we eat, the relationships we choose, the movements we make, the emotional holdings in our body, the thoughts we think, and the choices we make.

Trauma and body disconnection creates a profound lack of safety and trust within ourselves. When we learn to reconnect with our bodies, we heal. With somatic integration work, we start to learn and access our internal safety through:

Intentional Dialogue

Breath to body awareness practices

Guided body scans

Observing patterns in the emotional body

Sensory attunement

Unfolding attachment styles as they respond to the nervous system

Discerning thoughts from sensations- getting out of “our stories” and into our bodies

Sensory motor reprogramming through breath and response exercises

The Results

Through a dedicated practice and guided support, together we can:

Reconnect with your body, developing deep self love and awareness

Smooth Skin

Foster a secure attachment style

Loving Couple

Change reactive behavior into reflective responses

Female Patient

Transform debilitating stress responses into empowerment strategies

Leadership Presentation

Feel deeper joy and satisfaction with your life and your choices


Come into balance with your needs and others needs

Balancing Rocks

Understand habits and coping strategies in order to create effective change


Find natural ways within your own body to heal systemic trauma

Nature Girl

Improve relationships with others

Beach Stroll

Be fully in the present moment with yourself and others

Playing Piano

"When you transform the relationship with yourself, the world you experience is then transformed."

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