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How it Works:

My fees are defined individually on the basis of 1 hour sessions.


The rates (private and professional) may vary according to the needs and circumstances. 


Packages are available.

Discovery Meeting:
Without making a longterm commitment, our first meeting will allow:
  • Me to evaluate of your situation and your goals

  • Make sure that coaching is the right solution for you

  • Expose you to my practice and explain how I work

  • Suggest a strategic direction that adapts to your needs and schedule

  • Agree on the practicalities and logistics of each session- such as the frequency and duration of sessions, location, schedules and fees.


After the first session, it is up to you if you would like to continue.


Sessions are by appointment.


These appointments are possible in person or via Zoom and telephone sessions.


Payment is made at the meeting for individual clients and according to contractual conditions for companies and institutions.

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